Sculpture and 3D


Made from sewing threads, vacuum-formed plastic and wood.


Height: 5'5"

3 free standing sculptures on a mat black pedestal, in the background of a mat black wall, lit by 3 halogen lights from the ceiling. Each sculpture is made from stretch threads of different colors over and through vacuum formed shapes.

I always thought there was something magical about three-dimensional sculptures. They make me feel curious, playful, and explorative. I like being able to walk around an art piece and see how it changes with every angle, making the artwork seem ephemeral. In "Parts to Whole", I combined threads of different colors, as an artist would with paint, to create color effects. The idea was derived from impressionists, who painted raw strokes of different colors next to each other. These strokes, as well as my threads, blend together when the viewer steps away. The forms of the sculptures were inspired by the female figures in impressionism, where hips were the focus of female beauty during that period. The three sculptures are meant to stand together and play off of each other's colors and shapes.


-Exhibited as a senior year thesis project at University of Michigan, Stamps School of Art and Design. This piece was exhibited at Yellow Barn in Ann Arbor, remodeled by the artist and 3 of her peers into an exhibition space.  

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