Sculpture and 3D

KEEP THE LIGHT ON: Hidden Blessings

3D pen, plastic, acrylics, canvas.



In collection at Hiller Consulting Group

Candles, light, and a positive outlook are at the center of Jewish life. Fruits evoke notions of fertility, life, blessings, and nurturance.

Keep the Light On depicts the idea of light and positivity revealing blessings and that there is hidden life in the darkness. The sculpture is made out of black plastic with the use of a 3D pen and set against a black background. Shabbat candles, lit every Friday night in a Jewish home to usher in peace, wholeness, love, holiness and remind us of our soul, are set by the fruits. Wherever the light of the candles falls, the fruits are painted their natural colors, thus vibrantly coming to life. Wherever there is no light, the fruits are hidden in the blackness waiting to be revealed.

In process

In process

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