Canyon Art Photography




original size 26"x21"


Digital photographs minimally edited for contrast and combined together. Photograph was taken at an Arizona Canyon, capturing the effects of light on the striated, wavy rock formation of the canyon and the colors the sunlight formed on the rock. The rock, while in itself is hard and still, was shaped by wind and flowing water into dynamic forms that look like water themselves. I tried to capture the abstract and surreal moments of the canyon.

Archival Photo Prints available in 26"x21" (Limited edition of 100) and 13"x11" (Limited edition of 150)


Canvas Wrap Prints available in 26"x21" (Limited edition of 100)


Metal Prints available in 26"x21" (Limited edition of 100) and 13"x11" (Limited edition of 150)

Custom matting option available for Archival Photo Prints. 

Each print signed individually including the number of print edition.

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