Sculpture and 3D


Tyvek paper, ink, sewing thread, wood, metal hooks, and pearl beads.



Currently exhibited at ArtPrize 9, DeVos Place Convention Center. 

Blue Tension was created for an Art Studio class during my senior year at Cranbrook High School. During that time in my life, like so many other seniors, I felt pulled in all directions, not knowing who I really am. Describing the way I felt, the shape of this dress is constructed to look full, as though someone is wearing it. Yet, the dress is empty inside and is pulled by outside forces. Threads are coming out of the seams, holding the dress in shape, suspending and tying the dress to the box. Since that time in high school I am finding myself thread by thread and seam by seam.


-Exhibited at Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center

-Won Michigan Sculptor’s Guild Award.

-Exhibited at the Governor’s Awards for Arts and Culture Gala.

-Won the University of Michigan School of Art & Design Student Art Show competition.

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